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mobile search = intent to act …

1) Create a mobile specific site

Give consumers a great mobile experience when they visit your site on their mobile phone. Considering that over 50% of Americans are going to have a smartphone and there will be an estimated one billion mobile internet users by the end of the year, it’s pretty astounding that only 21% of Google’s large advertisers have mobile-optimized websites.

What’s a mobile specific site? It’s a website that’s been designed specifically for a smartphone: it prioritizes what’s important for a user on the go, it features elements that are easy to see and interact with (instead of minuscule type, or rich media components that may or may not load), and ultimately, it leads to happy users, and customers.

A mobile optimized site isn’t a desktop optimized site. In fact, it may be just the opposite: websites that look great on the desktop may be illegible, or require endless zooming-in, or may not work at all on mobile. The mobile web is not a smaller, portable version of the desktop web. When designing a mobile site, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Make site navigation easier, put key action-items front and center, and build for the on-the-go user. Think about the mobile behavior of your customers and design for it.

2) Think Local

It’s often said that mobile searches have more ‘intent’; but what does that mean? It’s a fancy way of saying that when people are looking for information on a mobile device they intend to act on it. Fast. For example, when you search for a restaurant on mobile, you’re probably hungry and want to grab a bite to eat somewhere close by. Or, if you’re trying to track down a boutique’s address at 2pm on Saturday, it’s more likely that you’ll visit the boutique and return the shirt that doesn’t fit than it would be if you searched for the same boutique at 11am on Monday morning from your desk at work. Mobile users search for information because they want to take action. After looking up a local business on their smart phone, 61% of users have called the business and 59% have visited .

Because of this increased intent, location is exceptionally relevant to mobile users, and should be especially important to marketers as well. If users intend to act quickly on the information they find on mobile, they’re more likely to take action somewhere near their locations. As a business, if you’re trying to reach a mobile consumer, understanding geo-targeted advertising campaigns and products is critical.

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