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its 9;30am ?

It’s 9:30 on your slowest day of the week ….
What Do You Do?

Think about it: All the cash-in-hand customers you can possibly handle are right outside your front door. You just need a way to “connect” with them… And now you can — with YOUR OWN Mobile App.

FACT: 91% of Americans keep their cell phone within three feet of them 24/7.
FACT: Time spent in mobile apps now exceeds desktop and mobile web consumption. Flurry Analytics
FACT: 97% of mobile messages get looked at – many within five seconds… most within one hour!

Now you can reach customers – instantly at the push of a button… any time you want… anywhere they are… with the absolute GUARANTEE that YOUR message has their FULL attention…

BETTER YET: Messages spread like wildfire because customers immediately start sharing with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare… you’ve never seen anything like it.

About imamlocal

We are a local company that makes it easy for businesses to have affordable and dynamic web apps and mobile websites. You no longer need a developer to make you an app and mobile website. Our platform makes it easy for you to easily update your web app and mobile website 24/7 with your own business panel. No advanced skills needed to have a professional web app and mobile website. If you are a hands off person, we will design your web app and mobile website for you! Ask about our promotion !! Give us a call today to explore your possibilities .717-756-4304

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