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Eighty-seven percent of consumers prefer Web – either mobile or desktop – when shopping, according to a new study commissioned by Zmags.

In the “Meet the connected consumer” report, Zmags took a look at how consumers are shopping on mobile platforms. Compared to Web, only 4 percent of the consumers surveyed said they would pick shopping via a retailer’s application.

“Apps may well fit into a retailer’s strategy, but as they plan their investments, retailers need to think carefully about the proper role apps play in building and strengthening customer relationships,” said Sean Ford, chief marketing officer at Zmags, Boston.

“This survey suggests that apps are not the best approach for filling an online shopping cart,” he said.

Zmags is a merchandising platform that creates digital products for retailers.

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Shopping Web
The study polled 1,500 consumers in the United States and was executed by Equation Research.

In particular, electronics are a hot…

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