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Facebook …Getting started in the right direction.

Here are 4 Steps to Creating A Killer Facebook Marketing Plan

1) Identify Your Target Audience

A quote that my dad always says is that, if you don’t know where your going, your not going to like where you end up. This quote rings true for marketing your business on Facebook too. You see most rush to create fan page with no consideration to their audience in mind. There bringing and building of audience of people who are not really interested in what you have to offer. The very first thing you should do when creating your Facebook marketing plan is to Identify Your Audience. The beauty of facebook is that allows you as member to create a target audience of people based a very specific set of likes and interests. For instance, age, education, demographic and interest. The more people you bring who are targeted to your message, the more profits you will bring to your business.

2) Create A Targeted Profile

Once you have identified your target audience, before you start marketing. It would be a good ideal to create a profile, that is within alignment with your companies message. This is where branding comes into play you want to make sure that you’re message is constant with the product and service that you want to promote. So then when start connecting with your target audience, they right off the bat know exactly what your all about. Once you have created a target profile, then you should start adding as many friends as possible to your data base.

3) Create A Community

Have a target profile is good, but have a fan page is even better. By creating a fan page for your business, you create a community  where you can have a dialog between your potential customers. This allow your audience to have questions and allow you show yourself as expert in your target filed.  A suggested amount of times to post on your fan page is about 3 times a day, with each post you can ask a question, share a video or share piece of content that you have created on your website, that demonstrate value to your audience.When people sees that you are living breathing person who truly cares, about them and not just selling a product they will develop a bond and trust with you that could have never been established, if you just had a regular profile.

4) Create a Profitable Ad Campaign

Depending on your budget, if you wan to really beef up the amount of money you make. You might want to consider adding advertising to your Facebook marketing plan. 

Setting up a Facebook ad campaign is fairly simple process, once you understand the basics of what makes up a Facebook Ad. If I had to break in down into a simple step formula it would be this. Create an add, target your audience, establish your budget, track your campaigns and then optimize your campaigns. Even though this formula is a building block to successfully create a campaign. The piece of puzzle which will make you the most money is by testing and segmenting your campaigns, if just let your campaigns run wild without doing any testing you will lose precious money. Whether is running Facebook Ad’s, Google Ad’s or even a  content marketing strategy you want to test, test test and test some more. With right testing and the right ad campaigns rapidly start to increase the profits within your business.


With this 4 Step Facebook marketing plan you will have created branding strategy, this will give you jump start on many business people who just ignore getting involved with Facebook because they still believe it’s only just a play thing for college kids. With over 800 million members world wide, you and I both know the future of marketing your business is here.  When you identify your audience (by using the 4 steps), create a profile, create a community and creating the right ad campaign for you business: you will effortlessly bring in more sale to your business then you would have ever thought possible.

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