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go mobile , go social, go local ..

go mobile , go social, go local ..

For small to medium businesses (SMBs), performing sales and marketing while providing attentive customer service often means stretching a narrow, if not nonexistent, budget to its limits. More recently, social media has proved to be a valuable – and affordable – tool to improve customer relations when used intelligently. More customers can be engaged more directly, instantly, and personally through Web social platforms than has ever been possible using older forms of media. But putting the power of social media to work requires internal changes to the companies staffing and skill sets. The company itself may need to undergo cultural shifts to adapt to new scales of customer interaction and technical adaptation, and remain agile as the web continues to change. In this webinar, our moderator and panelists will discuss:

  • Effective practices for sales and marketing for the social SMB
  • How to build collaborative internal teams and best social media practices
  • Customer service realities in today’s online social environment
  • Forming a social media strategy in a marketplace of shifting social platforms and features.
  • Go Mobile, Go Social, Go local

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