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Can you Relate ?

Can you remember the reason why you started your business?

Perhaps it was because you’ve always dreamed of working for yourself and you finally got the courage to follow your passion. Or maybe because being able to work your own hours would mean you could spend more time with your family.

Whatever your reason, while running your own business is exciting and rewarding it can also be daunting – particularly if things don’t seem to be going the way you want them to.

  • You’ve been marketing like crazy but no-one seems interested in your products or services;
  • You’ve put forward a proposal, however you’ve just heard that your prospect doesn’t want to move forward; or
  • You just don’t feel like you’re good enough when you see the great things all of your competitors are doing.

Can you relate?

In times when you feel stuck and frustrated it’s what you do in that moment that will determine your outcome.

So if you are currently experiencing difficulties and you just can’t seem to break free – it may because of these. Recognize any?

Here are 10 tips that will help you refocus your mindset so that you can go from stuck to unstoppable:

  1. Are you in earshot of a naysayer? Ignore them. Just because they can’t doesn’t mean you won’t. You can!
  2. Got a problem? Instead of beating yourself up – look for opportunities to learn and growth. And, move on!
  3. Prospect rejected your proposal? Don’t take it personally. THEY may not be ready yet. Be there when they are?
  4. We are often our own worst critic. Is your inner voice causing doubt and fear? Stop! You ARE worth it.
  5. Stop letting other peoples failures prevent you from achieving your goal. Just because they can’t, doesn’t mean you won’t. You CAN!
  6. Constant comparison to your competitors will cripple your growth. Know what makes you unique. You DO have value to offer.
  7. Doubting your ability to achieve is a big business barrier. STOP undervaluing yourself & your ability. You CAN!
  8. The beliefs you hold will determine your outcome. Isn’t it time YOU believed you DO have what it takes to be a success?
  9. Make regular deposits into your self worth account. It builds confidence & esteem. Both are keys to charging what you’re worth.
  10. Doubting your worth? Recall all of the clients you’ve helped & the success you’ve achieved. That’s the value you offer.

Can you relate to any of these tips? Have you had an ‘aha’ moment? Which tip are you going to remember next time you’re faced with a challenge and feel like giving up? Dont …

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