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The fact is that the marketing channels nowadays are become more and more expensive and on top of that they are also becoming less effective compared to the advantages that they used to bring in the past. So that is why companies out there are looking twenty four seven for solutions that would make them rise once again. It’s no more a secret that the usual way of advertising using newspapers and television are fading out and more and more people are channeling their efforts towards social marketing, internet and mobile marketing. Currently there are around three million mobile website out there and this is certainly a small number proving that not many companies out there have gone on this path of success. So why would they need to do this as soon as possible? Let us find out why by taking a look at the points below.

Massive mobile adoption rates: It seems that there are a lot of people in the world who are going mobile each day. There have been some estimations made and they forecast around five point eight billion handsets by the year of two thousand and thirteen. There are also some countries like the U.A.E. in which the penetration rate is more than one hundred percent, yet the United States are also closing in on that figure. With such figures one can only gauge the effectiveness of local mobile marketing.
On top of that the market is flooded with more and more cool phones and people do certainly love them. A N.Y. consumer research firm called Nielsen found out that in two thousand and ten the United States’ mobile market has about thirty percent of the people using smartphones. In 3 years from now it’s expected to reach forty three percent.

Mobile is more engaging: It’s really important for people nowadays to stay connected and this is where local mobile marketing is useful. Companies can easily promote their products this way and they will certainly be able to have more people converted to clients very fast. Research shows that the short text messages people receive are read in an average of four minutes after they’re sent, so the feedback can come very fast from the user.


Imamlocal Mobile Marketing


Compared to any other form of advertising the local mobile marketing is certainly the one that’s advantaged the most. For instance restaurants can send coupons at a certain hour inviting people to have lunch there at a discounted price. This way that restaurant will certainly have more clients than it normally has.

Schools are also beneficiaries in this. In case of problems the head teacher will only need to message the parents and in just minutes their kids will be taken to safety. Regardless of the scenarios they are both cheap and most importantly very effective. Using local mobile marketing, it is certain that the firm will allow itself to reach an even higher marketing importance with an expansion that advances at a quick pace. give us a Call to discuss your possibilities. 717-756-4304

About imamlocal

We are a local company that makes it easy for businesses to have affordable and dynamic web apps and mobile websites. You no longer need a developer to make you an app and mobile website. Our platform makes it easy for you to easily update your web app and mobile website 24/7 with your own business panel. No advanced skills needed to have a professional web app and mobile website. If you are a hands off person, we will design your web app and mobile website for you! Ask about our promotion !! Give us a call today to explore your possibilities .717-756-4304

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